new case study
(pharmacology packing)

p5Auftraege.xls p5Produkte.xls p5Produktfluss.xls p5Quants.xls p5Ressourcen.xls Demo_Verpackung.pdf Sonja Loeschmann
improved original case study (lacquer production 12/2003) description, orders, production rates, product flows, products, quants, resources Sonja Loeschmann
introduction to the case study (lacquer production) deliverable 3.4.1:preliminary description  
Description of the case study - material

order.xls product_flow.xls quants.xls resource.xls production_rate.xls products.xls Case_study4.doc CalculationofDelayCosts.doc

Optimization of value chains.
Introduction to an application in the chemical industry.
powerpoint demo
meeting in Grenoble, april 2002
Dagmar Ludewig
Scheduling a Lacquer Production

powerpoint demo
meeting in The Netherlands, september 2002

Dagmar Ludewig
MILP Approach for the
Axxom Case Study (Lacquer Production)
powerpoint demo
meeting in The Netherlands, september 2002
Sebastian Panek
Modelling with Timed Automata/Uppaal

powerpoint demo
first UPPAAL model, second UPPAAL model
meeting in Dortmund, december 2002

Sonja Loeschmann
Timed Automata Approach
for the AXXOM case study
axxom_grenoble.pdf Marius Bozga
Systematic Modelling of a Lacquer Production   Angelika Mader
Extension of the original case study powerpoint demo, values.xls, Ametist_ext_Data.xls, Documentation Dagmar Ludewig


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