Daily Management

The project coordinator is responsible for the day-to-day coordination of the project. He is the main interface between the Consortium and the European Union, and also between the Consortium and the End-User Panel. He consolidates the project planning, progress reports, milestone reports, cost statements, budgetary overviews, etc. using the inputs from the other participants, and coordinates the communication between the participants.

It is the responsibility of the scientific coordinator to monitor and coordinate the scientific activities within the project, and to work toward the emergence of a unifying framework for timing related issues treated in the various work-packages.

Project Coordination Committee (PCC)


The PCC has its own budget for management tasks and it controls the budget for the project meetings (hotel and local arrangement costs), the budget for the visits to conferences and workshops outside the EU, and the budget for dissemination of results including publication costs. Each year at least five relevant workshops and conferences outside the EU are foreseen. Funding will be provided for participation to each such meeting on behalf of the Consortium for two of its members. Requests for support of travel outside the EU or for dissemination activities must be directed to the project coordinator, who will inform the PCC about his decision.

Each partner controls its own budget for travelling to project meetings. Bilateral visits between partners can not be supported by the PCC, and have to be covered by the travel and accomodation funds of the partners involved.

The Unit FCM will periodically analyse the expenses of the Consortium members, will give forecasts and advise them on their budgetary and other resource questions.

Workpackage Leaders

WP no. Topic Leader Involved
WP0 Project management Frits Vaandrager all
WP1 Modelling Ed Brinksma all, except Bosch, Cybernetix and Terma
WP2 Analysis and Tools Kim Larsen all, except Bosch and Axxom
WP3 Case Studies Sebastian Engell all
WP4 Dissemination Oded Maler all

Workpackage leaders are responsible for:

Internal Assessment

Within the Ametist project there will be no formal procedure for internal assessment. Reports and papers will be made available on the internal web-site before they are sent out. It is a responsibility of all the partners to actively read each others work and comment on it.

Regular Reports

Six-monthly Progress Report contractually required by Brussels, consisting of a management part and a scientific part (built from progress reports from the individual workpackages.). This will be composed by the project coordinator, and sent directly to Brussels.


End-User Panel (EUP)

The End-User Panel (EUP) of this project will generate regular feedback, contributing to the industrial focus of the project, and to its relevance for end-users. To enable this, each year a half-day programme will be organized for the members of the EUP The EUP will be set up during the first 6 months of the project. Potential members of the EUP will first be approached informally, a formal request to become EUP member can only be made after approval by the PCC.

The Ametist project views the end-user-panel as an important means for interaction with the industry at large. The panel serves both as a dissemination channel for the project results and as a provider of feed-back on the development of the project. Panel members participate in discussions on future directions within the project and are kept informed about the developments as well as the technological perspective of the work. The panel consists of representatives of companies that have expressed an interest in Ametist and have committed to participate in the yearly panel meetings. In principle, this panel is an open forum and it is intended to attract more participants in the course of the project. Currently, eight companies and research labs participate in our panel:

ASML Rick van Lierop,
Barend van de Nieuwelaar
Veldhoven www.asml.com
Philips Research Lex Heerink Eindhoven www.philips.com
National Aerospace Laboratory NLR Ernst Kesseler Amsterdam www.nlr.nl
Thales Naval Ronald Lutje Spelberg Hengelo www.thales-naval.nl
BMW AG Heinz Treseler Muenchen www.bmw.com
Kern Delta Systems Mr Eberhard Aachen www.delta-systems.de
Degussa AG Markus Schulz Hanau www.degussa.com
Carmen Consulting Niklas Kohl Copenhagen www.carmenconsulting.com