The intention of these AMETIST web-pages is twofold:
they should inform a visitor on the content of the project and the research that results from it.
They also should provide an actual collection of documents, drafts, presentations, publications, links, informations, etc., for the partners of the project that supports the research and communication within the project. To fulfil this continuous input of all the partners is necessary. The decision taken is not to provide a data-base where all partners can dump and find (or not find) informations, but trying to structure information, update it continuously and put in on places where they can easily be found (not more than two clicks). All partners are asked to send their documents and suggestions to Some of the documents on the AMETIST-web-pages are only for internal use and when you send a document, please indicate, whether you want restricted access or not.
What is well under construction is a data-base for the publications (and drafts) that are produced within the project.

The Ametist logo is designed by Trond Fjellseth, Oslo.
Responsible for the web-pages are all people in the project, among them Angelika Mader and Tomas Krilavicius.