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Stefan Kowalewski

Background to the Bosch Case Study (CS3)
1. The paper by Moritz is an introduction to the functionality and
technology used in short range radar car periphery supervision (CPS). The paper is focussed on precrash detection but the basic technology is also used for parking assistance, line change assistance etc.
2. The paper by Thiel et al. should give an impression about the different
applications which are supposed to run on the CPS platform. Please abstract from the software engineering ballast.
3. The applications described in 1. and 2. are supposed to run on the OSEK operating system. In particular, the scheduling will be realized by
employing the scheduling mechanisms offered by OSEK. To learn more about these mechanisms and OSEK in general, please look at the OSEK website and, in particular, at the OS specification
OS2.2(the "time triggered operating system" will not be used in this

Dagmar Ludewig AXXOM Case Study (CS4): powerpoint demo
Thomas Hune and Gerd Behrmann

Terma Case Study:Modelling and Analysing a Memory Interface (postscript file)