Ed Brinksma, Kim Larsen Optimal Infinite Scheduling: slides(pdf) ,
UPPAAL example:
plate.xml plate.q
simple-plate-w-cost.xml simple-plate-w-cost.q
plate-w-cost.xml plate-w-cost.q
Oded Maler

Scheduling, overview talk: powerpoint demo
problems with uncertainty: slides.ps, slides.pdf

Sebastian Panek LPTA as MILP models: powerpoint demo
Tomas Krilavicius,
Biniam Gebremichael
Bosch case study: powerpoint demo, UPPAAL model
Gera Weiss Terma case study:
Scheduler for a Memory Card: pdf
Theo Ruys (Cybernetix case study)
Branch and Bound in Spin: powerpoint demo
Angelika Mader Cybernetix case study
On Optimal Schedules: powerpoint demo, handout

First attempts in Cost-Optimal Uppaal:
basic model do 4 cards  
model with heuristics do 6 cards -oE (old tuppaal)
same model for new tuppaal do 6 cards -oE (new tuppaal)
Sonja Loeschmann

AXXOM case study
powerpoint demo
first UPPAAL model, second UPPAAL model