Material presented at the Muenchen meeting, december 2003
Tools and Application of Timed Automata - UPPAAL and Optimal Scheduling Kim Larsen
Multi target optimization with proopt5 Dirk Surholt
SAT-based Reachability Analysis for Timed Automata Andrzej Zbrzezny
VerICS: Tool for Verifying Timed Automata and Estelle Specifications Wojciech Penkzek
Shortest Path in AND/OR Graphs Marius Bozga, Karim Kerbaa, Oded Maler
Partial Order Methods in Scheduling Yasmina Abdeddaim & Peter Niebert
Clocked Mazurkiewicz Traces and Partial Order Reductions for Timed Automata

D. Lugiez, P. Niebert, S. Zennou

Stochastic Evaluation of the 1st Axxom Case Study Holger Hermanns & Yaroslav Usenko
Characterization of Safe States in a Manufacturing System using SMV Martijn Hendriks, Biniam Gebremichael, Frits Vaandrager, Barend van de Nieuwelaar
Cybernetix - New Case Study Mathieu Agopian
Role and Potential of TAs for Industrial Scheduling Problems Sebastian Engell
More on Extrapolation Gerd Behrmann, Patricia Bouyer, Kim Larsen, Radek Pelanek
Introduction to Timed Automata Oded Maler
On Cyclic Plans for Scheduling of a Smart Card Personalisation System Tim Nieberg