overview overview.pdf Frits Vaandrager
progress at Nijmegen recent_KUN.pdf Frits Vaandrager
progress at Grenoble recent_VERIMAG.pdf Oded Maler

progress at Weizmann

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Modeling a Production Line wth LSCs.ps
Modeling a Production Line wth LSCs.pdf

Gera Weiss
State Nullification by Memoryless Output Feedback


Gera Weiss
Specification-Guided Analysis of Hybrid Systems Using a Hierarchy of Validation Methods pdf Olaf Stursberg
Scheduling Lacquer Productions with Uppaal powerpoint demo Angelika Mader
Stochastic assessment of schedules for AXXOM AG pdf Yaroslav Usenko
Real-time test generation - from theory to practice powerpoint demo Ed Brinksma
Priced Timed Game Automata pdf Emanuel Fleury
Advances in solving scheduling problems
with timed automata and linear programming
powerpoint demo Sebastian Panek